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Founded in 1947, Briggs Healthcare is one of the largest privately held manufacturers and distributors of medical documentation, charting systems and healthcare products. In 2007, Mabis Healthcare, a division of Briggs Healthcare acquired a hospital obstetrics product line that originated in the early 1920s and includes:
  • AmniHook® Amniotic Membrane Perforator
  • Double-Grip® Umbilical Cord Clamp
  • Cord Clamp® Clipper
  • Heirloom Quality Birth Certificate
  • PlastiBell® Circumcision Device
  • Ready-Rolled® FootPrinter
  • U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector
These brands represent the gold standard for care in Obstetrics and are synonymous with quality. With more than 100 million positive outcomes and a century of proven experience, these are the original products healthcare professionals have come to rely on to ensure the health and well being of mothers and their newborns alike.