Double-Grip® Umbilical Cord Clamp

More than 100 million positive outcomes later, the original Double-Grip® Umbilical Cord Clamp is still the gold standard for giving newborns a healthy, safe start in life. Every clamp we manufacture passes through our innovative laser vision inspection system and only those meeting 100% of our stringent criteria make their way to the Labor and Delivery room. No other cord clamp comes close to matching our record for quality and safety:

  • Safe and easy to apply
  • Dual gripping surface prevents slipping during application
  • Maintains a tight seal and applies even pressure on any size cord as it shrinks
  • Hinge guard confines cord between serrated jaws to eliminate movement
  • Designed for single patient use to prevent risk of cross contamination
  • Smooth edges will not snag clothing or get caught on linens
Item #DescriptionQty
9423Sterile Cord Clamp125 ea/box
9411Non-Sterile Cord Clamp250 ea/box
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Ready-Rolled® FootPrinter

Picture-perfect prints are easy with our disposable Ready-Rolled® FootPrinters. Features safe, non-toxic ink in just the right amount to capture two baby footprints and one mother’s fingerprint. Easy-to-use and handle, these compact footprinters feature a recessed plate for convenient stacking. The space-saving design allows 1,250 plates to be stored in a single cubic foot:

  • Ink removes easily removed with soap and water
  • Disposable plastic plate fits in palm of one hand
  • 4-1/2” x 2-3/8” and less than 1/8” high with stable edges for easy storage
  • An ideal complement to our Heirloom Quality Birth Certificate or other mementos
Item #DescriptionQty
5402Ready-Rolled® FootPrinter25 ea/pk – 4 pks/box
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AmniHook® Amniotic Membrane Perforator

Only the original AmniHook® Amniotic Membrane Perforator provides a safe, comfortable method for rupturing the amniotic membrane the first time, virtually every time. Featuring a rounded tip with a protected point, AmniHook “snags” the membrane, eliminating the need to puncture it. As with all our labor and delivery products, every AmniHook passes through our rigorous laser vision inspection system which assures quality and consistently positive results:

  • 100% laser-vision inspected
  • Rounded tip and protected point ruptures membrane while minimizing risk of injury to mother and baby
  • 10” long with non-glare molded plastic and sides for a non-slip grip and precise control
  • Disposable, pre-sterilized and individually packaged for convenience
Item #DescriptionQty
9601Sterile Membrane Perforator100 ea/box
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Heirloom Quality Birth Certificate

It’s customary to celebrate the birth of a baby by presenting a gift to the parents. What better gift than one that captures the details of the very event! Our custom Birth Certificate will become a treasure for generations to come. These heirloom quality birth certificates are priceless keepsakes for new parents and an easy way to reinforce your hospital’s positive image. They also increase staff efficiency by reducing the time it takes to generate certificates in-house:

  • Choose from three distinct styles that can be customized to your specifications
  • Personalized with your hospital’s name, city and state
  • Additional personalization options include hospital photo, certificate headings/custom text, ribbons and/or seals
Ordering Information:
Click to download a Birth Certificate Order Form or contact Briggs Healthcare® Custom Product Professionals at 800.247.2343, ext. 4555.

PlastiBell® Circumcision Device

Our disposable PlastiBell® Circumcision Device eliminates the need for post operative care or special dressing – along with the costly, repetitive sterilization procedures required with steel clamps. There’s also no chance for lost or mismatched parts that can render other clamps unsafe or unusable:

  • One-piece device plus ligature features clear plastic construction for visual access at all times
  • Provides a clean excision line which helps promote rapid healing
  • No post operative care or special dressing required
  • Sterile, individually packaged in six sizes and assortment packs
Item #DescriptionQty
9210Hospital Assortment Pack
1.1 cm – 25 ea
1.2 cm – 35 ea
1.3 cm – 45 ea
1.4 cm – 10 ea
1.5 cm – 5 ea
1.6 cm – 5 ea
125 ea/box
9230Physicians Office Assortment Pack
1.1 cm – 5 ea
1.2 cm – 7 ea
1.3 cm – 8 ea
1.4 cm – 3 ea
1.5 cm – 1 ea
1.6 cm – 1 ea
25 ea/box
Hospital (Bulk) Single Sizes
92111.1 cm 125 ea/box
92121.2 cm 125 ea/box
92131.3 cm 125 ea/box
92141.4 cm 125 ea/box
92151.5 cm 125 ea/box
92171.7 cm 125 ea/box
Physicians Office Single Sizes
92311.1 cm 25 ea/box
92321.2 cm 25 ea/box
92331.3 cm 25 ea/box
92341.4 cm 25 ea/box
92351.5 cm 25 ea/box
92371.7 cm 25 ea/box
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Cord Clamp® Clipper

Our Cord-Clamp® Clipper is designed to work exclusively with our Double-Grip® Umbilical Cord Clamp. This unique clipper safely cuts through our specially designed clamp hinge for easy removal. The concealed cutting surfaces eliminate risk of injury to both baby and caregivers:

  • Concealed cutting edges reduce potential for injury to staff and patient
  • Single-patient use eliminates risk of cross-contamination
  • Saves time and money: no need to clean or re-sterilize
Item #DescriptionQty
9441Single Clipper1 ea/box
9445Bulk Clipper25 ea/box
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U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector

The U-Bag® Urine Specimen Collector is an efficient, effective way to collect specimens. Dual-chamber construction with no-flow back valve keeps urine away from sensitive baby skin while reducing the possibility of specimen contamination.

  • Transparent butterfly patch makes application easy, fast and accurate
  • Compatible for both male and female anatomy to minimize inventory
  • Adhesive patch folds in half to send sealed specimen to lab
  • Preemie size is ideal for NICU use with low birth weight infants
U-Bag® with Porous Cloth Adhesive
Sterile Item #Non-Sterile Item #DescriptionQty.
Single Specimen Style
7540N/APreemie (10mL)100 ea/box
75357525Newborn (100mL)100 ea/box
75317521Pediatric (200mL)100 ea/box
4-hour Style
7537N/ANewborn (100mL)50 ea/box
7533N/APediatric (200mL)50 ea/box
U-Bag® with Standard Adhesive
Sterile Item #Non-Sterile Item #DescriptionQty.
Single Specimen Style
75157505Newborn (100mL)100 ea/box
75117501Pediatric (100mL)100 ea/box
24-hour Style
7517N/ANewborn (100mL)50 ea/box
7513N/APediatric (200mL)50 ea/box
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